UMR Research Fund Request Form

    Thank you for your interest in the UMR Raptor Research Fund. Funds are available to cover expenses related to presentation of research/scholarship at conferences or similar. Highest preference will be given for travel expenses related to research/scholarly presentations followed by travel expenses related to data acquisition. Other expenses related to research or other scholarly activity would be considered only if funds permit and other sources have been explored. 

    A preference will be given to Juniors and Seniors. The size of the awards will be based on the number of applications and need. The form, once completed, will be sent to the Scholarship Committee for review. 
    Are you presenting at the event?
    Travel Costs
    Please click the link below to calculate your hotel costs.

    Click the state and find the city (or standard rate if city isn't listed) and month to see the maximum amount UMR will allow per night. 

    Please include your estimated costs to the nearest dollar.