NXT GEN MED Application 2022

    Thank you for your interest in the NXT GEN MED program in partnership with Mayo Clinic and Google Cloud. This is the accelerated version of the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree program to build future health care executives and leaders

    NXT GEN MED is a year-round program, including paid internships with Mayo Clinic. This will position graduates to enter the workforce sooner and lessen overall college costs. Graduates will be prepared for careers in the health care industry; for example:
    • Community Health Navigator
    • Digital Health Project Manager
    • Healthcare Financial Counselor
    • Health Innovation - Research Support Specialist
    • Healthcare Research - Project Manager
    • Healthcare Business Services Specialist
    • Research Education Specialist
    • Healthcare Supply Chain Specialist
    • Home Medical Equipment - Patient Training & Support
    • Healthcare Data Integrity Document Specialist
    • Healthcare Patient Registration Specialist
    • Healthcare Strategy - Project Management
    • Patient Education Specialist
    • And more...
    NXT GEN MED will also prepare students for advanced study in the following areas:
    • Masters of Health Administration
    • Masters of Health Innovation
    • Masters of Public Health
    • Masters of Business Administration
    • Ph.D. and Masters of Science in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICB)
    I acknowledge that I have read the above section.
    I acknowledge that I have read the above section.
    Please note the following about NXT GEN MED:
    • This program is for incoming freshmen only (from high school). Transfer students are not eligible. 
    • International students are not eligible for this program. 
    • This is a limited access program. Students not selected may still be eligible for the traditional Health Sciences degree program. 
    • This is a year round program. Students will attend Fall, Spring and Summer for 7 consecutive terms. 
    • Students must attend all 7 consecutive terms (2.5 years). They may not graduate sooner than this. 
    • Courses will be a mix of on-campus and online courses
    • Students are required to live on-campus in the NXT GEN MED Living Learning Community for the first 5 academic terms.
    • Students are expected to attend a 2 week pre-Fall session. Students will earn 2 credits as part of this bridge program. 
    I acknowledge that I have read the above section.
    I acknowledge that I have read the above section.